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Strangely Ironic: Raids and Instances

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Raids and Instances Void Reaver, aka "Daddy Reaver"
Posted by Corgi on Monday, June 25, 2007 (13:04:53) (1079 reads)

Blizzard actually gave the world a present this year; that being free attunement to all of their semi-uber instances to fast track everyone to the Black Temple and beyond. With that present came Void Reaver, a large angry fellow who strikes fear into everyone's minds. Many a Fel Reaver claimed L60's in Hellfire Penninsula, so it was time for some payback.

And so Big Daddy Reaver, died:

Congratulations all Smile

Larger image:
Void Reaver

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Raids and Instances Magtheridon's Wheels Stolen!
Posted by Corgi on Thursday, June 07, 2007 (13:00:36) (1078 reads)

So once again, we allocate a decent amount of time inside an instance and start developing routine and pattern. The end result is up there in the "Top 10" lists of quite a few players - the defeat of Magtheridon. The rogue pack did their best to make sure we couldn't defeat something without them, but we managed anyhow...

Thanks go out to everyone who went the extra yards to make today a success, and as always thanks to the guys who come along and for various reasons aren't there for the final kill.

Larger image:

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Raids and Instances We Smash Rockguy.
Posted by Corgi on Thursday, April 19, 2007 (12:11:29) (1422 reads)

We returned to Gruul's Lair after the reset, and had the neat result of killing Maulgar twice in 48 hours. It was a bit of a flashback to the old days of Naxxramas and the like. After some initial pulling concerns, Maulgar stood no chance.

We headed up the tunnel of doom (some will claim love) and dutifully wiped on trash as is the SI way (thanks Nestra). Picked ourselves up, and learnt the ropes of this annoying encounter. Annoying if only for the deceptiveness of not reaching your growth benchmarks of 8-15% per growth.

End result was Gruul's was conquered, even if it meant losing some rogues along the way:

Special thanks to the reserves on hand as always; 25M content is making life difficult for those having to select the groups.

Larger image:

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Raids and Instances 25 Man Content and Beyond - Maulgar Dethroned
Posted by Corgi on Monday, April 16, 2007 (13:04:01) (1382 reads)

Okay, so we cleared Karazhan and then took a little holiday. No biggie, a lot of people enjoyed the break from raiding and took a more casual approach to Karazhan. The result is that the 2nd group broke through and are now progressing beyond Aran, which is excellent news.

We ventured forth into Gruul's Lair tonight after a few weeks of scheduling issues (well, warrior issues per say...) and the result was typically SI. Once we can actually invest some time into the place, we reap the results. Not before generalised QQ about lack of progression, mind you!

Special thanks to all who attended on short notice - it was originally going to be a Karazhan night for the 2nd group. Special thanks also to the guys that missed out on the raid because they had to go during the raid (Balditik), were on reserve (Amnion, Zedrif, Florionbeel, Tomminz, Tenel, Troldol) or just plain missed out on the invite (Icet, Phalius).

Larger image:

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Raids and Instances SI 1, Netherspite 0
Posted by Corgi on Friday, March 30, 2007 (23:49:46) (599 reads)

Progression speed increases when I disappear, so with that in mind the group of troopers defeated Netherspite recently. The ghostly looking dragon with beams of light is gone. Personally, our secret strategy to progression is the presence of orange tabby - present in the majority of first kill shots since 2005!

The second group is also making great progress, moving past Curator and onto Aran.

Larger image:

11/12, one to go!

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