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Strangely Ironic: Raids and Instances

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Raids and Instances Emperors Duex
Posted by Corgi on Saturday, July 15, 2006 (18:53:07) (558 reads)

Today we rolled into the Temple proper, after handling some tall Egyptian guys and their weird abilities. After some impromptu training on the job (and long dinner breaks for some), we had a look at the two big guys and had a play with them - they looked lonely.

You can view the bigger version here.

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Raids and Instances Huhuran is deceased!
Posted by Corgi on Sunday, July 09, 2006 (22:11:37) (1264 reads)

So we rolled the dice and got a full raid group. And of course, after the efforts of a week or two ago it was a matter of time. Much nerd excitement was to be had following the kill but most will agree this was pretty satisfying, especially with only 6 dead on the kill attempt. Well done guys! Smile

You can view the bigger version here.

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Raids and Instances BWL Boss # 2 - Vaelestraz
Posted by Tweetie on Tuesday, May 16, 2006 (12:19:00) (760 reads)


What does Vaelestraz?

  • Essence of the Red: (Buff)- Gives the raid a 3 min buff that has different effects depending on what class you are,
    • Casters gain 500 mana per second
    • Rogues gain 50 Energy per second
    • Warriors gain 30 range per second
  • Flame Breath- A frontal attack that does around 5000 damage, the higher your Fire resistance is, the lower the damage you will take.
  • Fire Nova- This is a massive AoE attack that can not be out ranged, it does about 500-1000 damage each time it is cast, as with Flame Breath a Higher Fire Resist help you.
  • Burning Adrenalin - For 18 seconds, all your abilities are instant cast. After 18 seconds you will explode and anyone in range of the explosion will take heavy damage, and maybe kill them.
    • Cast on a mana user every 45 seconds.
    • Cast on a tank every 45 seconds.

Positioning & Pull

  • Mages, Warlocks, Hunters are place just to the left of the door, near the pillar as u walk in. (Warlocks place their imps with the Tanks).
  • Rogues (and the Rogue party healers) are on the far side of Vael against the wall (opposite the door), and run in once fight starts.
  • The the healers (not the rogue healers) are to the right upon entering Vael's room to heal the MT's. Ensure you can heal all the people you are supposed to be healing.

The Fight

  • Once the fight has been triggered, and the MT has landed a few Sunders on Vael, the other warriors go in and begin to build aggro. They try to ensure that
  • All DPS on Vael after a few seconds. This is a DPS fight, where aggro must be controlled.
  • Druids and Paladins heal the MTs.
  • Priests cast Prayer of Healing on their groups.
  • If you get Burning Adrenalin, you must immediately go to your assigned area to blow up. However, you can continue casting from there.
  • Hunter / Mage / Warlock Burning Adrenaline assigned area is to the west corner. Rogues will not get Burning Adrenalin.
  • Healers are to run to the East Corner.
  • Rage, Energy and Mana is not a problem in this fight, as you regenerate as fast as you use it. This fight is all about aggro control, and keeping people alive.
  • Full FR gear must be worn on this fight. All players should have 250+ FR.

From a class point of view

  • Druids heal the MTs. Concentrate heals on the MT who has aggro, however, keep the other MTs alive.
  • When the 1st tank dies Druids should switch to the next tank asap and keep him alive until he gets Burning Adrenalin.

If you get Burning Adrenalin:

  • Use Healing Touch on the MTs, and anyone else who needs healing. This has now become an instant cast spell.
  • Hunters are part of the DPS group.
  • IF a hunter has improved hunters mark, they should use it when ever its not on Vael.
  • Hunters should FD as often as possible to minimise aggro.
  • Mages are part of the DPS group.
  • Mages need to ensure they do not pull aggro.

If you get Burning Adrenalin:

  • Cast Frostbolt continuously.
  • All Paladins are healing the MTs. Concentrate heals on the MT who has aggro, however, keep the other MTs alive.


  • Fire resist aura should be on.
  • Prayer of Healing is used in this fight.

If you get Burning Adrenalin:

  • Use Greater Heal on the MTs, and anyone else who needs healing. This has now become an instant cast spell.
  • Rogues are part of the DPS group.
  • Feign as often as possible to ensure aggro is kept under control.
  • Warlocks are part of the DPS group.
  • Warlocks need to ensure they do not pull aggro.
  • An order will be assigned to the MTs. Try to ensure you maintain aggro according to the order.
  • Once the first MT has aggro, start to build aggro.

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Raids and Instances World Boss Strategies
Posted by Tweetie on Saturday, April 29, 2006 (16:12:48) (734 reads)

These are world bosses. This means that these bosses spawn sparadorically, and is not inside an instance. Any raid can engage the world bosses, and once dead, they cannot be killed again, until they respawns - often days later. Because kills of the world bosses are often competed for between guilds and alliances, it is important you follow the unspoken rules of conduct (however, these are spoken). Any breach of these rules can result in disciplinary action being taken, the least of which being you will not be invited to these raids again.

  1. Do not intentionally grief, attack or otherwise interefere with another raid attempt's kill.
  2. Do not yell out saying die or wipe already.
  3. Do not train mobs onto a kill.
  4. Do not send tells/whispers or any other contact that can be construed as negative. Leave any coordination and communication to the raid leaders.
  5. Just because we're there first does not give us claim to a mob. We have to organise and be good to go to have claim.
  6. Do not take up debuff slots by mind visioning, detect magic or any other enemy spell.
  7. Congratulate them after a kill!
  8. If they killed a boss, it was because they could organise themselves quicker. That does not make them farmers. Likewise if they fight with 60 players - thats their choice!
  9. If we are on a shared raid with alliance friends, your behaviour directly respresents how those guilds see our guild.

Outdoor raids can bring the worst out in players, and for this reason we will invoke a zero tolerance policy for any breach of the above. Penalties may range from not being included on these raids, to being blocked from MC signups, loss of DKP and/or removal from the guild.


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Raids and Instances Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20) Strategies
Posted by Tweetie on Saturday, April 29, 2006 (15:14:54) (808 reads)

1. Kurinaxx
2. Rajaxx
3. Buru
4. Ayamiss
5. Moam
6. Ossirian

Trash Mobs

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